Mutliple device support

We support a wide range of GPS devices such as Garmin, TomTom, Strava etc

Indepth analytics

If you're a serious athlete or just keeping fit, we provide you with as much indepth analytics on your activites as you need.

Connect & compete

Connect with athletes on the other side of the world or local to you and compete against each other.

Personal records

View your personal records for any distance you've run so you can track you progress over time and set goals

Regular updates

Active development, with regular releases of new features and enhancements.

Set goals

Set yourself a wide range of challenges from weekly distance goals to deadlines for new personal bests

Public product development roadmap

You can request and vote on features that you want to see added to the product

Prompt and helpful support

We pride ourselves on having great customer support

Privacy is a priority

We take privacy seriously and you can tailor your privacy levels to control what you do and don't share

Set your units

Like your distance in kilometers and your altitude in feet? Or do you prefer miles and metres? You can tailor this to your preferences

No adverts

No one likes adverts which is why you won't find them anywhere on the site.


Every likes stats. Once you start uploading activities you'll find a ton of stats.

Missing something?

If you think we're missing something or have a suggestion on how we can improve our service we'd love to hear from you. We guarantee that all feature requests will get a response.

I've got a feature request

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