Training overview

View your three key metrics - Total Distance, Training frequency, Average pace and see how they've changed over the last 6 months

Seasons bests

When training for a specific distance in can be helpful to view your best times for that distance over a given time period.

Time distribution

Visualise all of the your times for a given distance on your time distribution graph

Power output

Cycling is all about watts, view how your average wattage compares to total distance on your past rides.

Training paces

Based on your recent training we'll calculate the paces you should be training at for specific sessions

Distance distribution

Any successful training plan should incorporate sessions of varying speed and distance.

Visualise this variety with your distance distribution graph.

Training tips

We don't all have the luxury of a coach but treat Scinder as your virtual coach.

We'll give your tips on how you can improve your training programme.